New Laptops

I can supply you with a brand new laptop all setup ready to go. I install all the software you need to keep you safe online and at top speed, and at no extra cost I can transfer your files from your old laptop to the new one. The prices quoted are inclusive of all setup costs, so no extra charges.


HP 250 G6, 15.6 Screen, Intel Pentium Processor4GB RAM, 256GB SSD, WebCam, USB 3.0, HDMI, HD Graphics, No DVD Drive, Windows 10


HP, 15.6 Screen, Intel i3 2.0Ghz, 4GB DDR4 RAM, 1TB HDD, WebCam, USB 3.0, Bluetooth, HDMI, HD Graphics, No DVD Drive, Windows 10


Toshiba, 15.6 Screen, Intel i5 2.2Ghz, 8GB RAM, 128GB Solid State Drive, WebCam, USB 3.0, Bluetooth, HDMI, HD Graphics, DVD Drive, Windows 10


Acer Predator, 17.3 screen, Intel i7 2.6GHz, 16GB RAM, Blu-Ray,

256GB SSD + 1TB HDD, Nvidia GTX 980M, Windows 10


MSI, 17.3 Screen, Intel i7 2.6GHz, 16GB RAM, 128GB SSD + 1TB HDD, 

Quadro M4000M Graphics, WebCam, USB 3.0, Windows 10





Gaming Systems from £500


Intel i3,i5,i7,Nvidia GTX, 8/16/32GB RAM, Evo SSD m.2


AMD Ryzen Gaming Systems



Lenovo Laptop, 15.6 Screen, 4GB RAM, SSD Home/Office/Student Laptop



All systems are prebuilt and software including Office and free anti-virus preinstalled. Ready to go out-of-the-box.

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