Bronze - £40.00


Enhance your computer's performance with my comprehensive system clean-up and health check service. I will eliminate any infected files, repair corrupt files, and implement CCASM to ensure ongoing system maintenance and optimal functioning.



Silver - £60.00


Protect your personal information with my secure data backup and PC refurbishment service. I remove and securely store your data on a backup device, thoroughly format the hard drive, and install a genuine version of Windows activated through Microsoft. The updated computer will also include all necessary security updates and software, with your data being reinstated after thorough virus scanning. The process also incorporates CCASM for ongoing system maintenance and optimization.



Gold - £120.00


Elevate your computer's performance with a Solid State Drive upgrade. Experience up to 10 times faster speeds and improved durability compared to standard mechanical hard drives. Benefit from longer battery life and silent operation, as well as significantly reduced startup times and enhanced program performance. A Solid State Drive upgrade is a highly recommended solution for any PC or laptop, and includes my Silver Service to provide added peace of mind.


Gold Plus - £POA


Maximize your computer's potential with my complete system upgrade service. Contact us via phone or email to discuss your customization options and upgrade your system to its full capabilities.





Gaming Systems from £600


Intel i3,i5,i7,Nvidia RTX, 8/16/32GB RAM, SSD m.2


AMD Ryzen Gaming Systems



Laptop, 15.6 Screen, 8GB RAM, SSD Home/Office/Student Laptop



All systems are custom built by me and software including free anti-virus preinstalled. Ready to go out-of-the-box.

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