4K VR Gaming Rig

HD monitors now produce pretty much the same resolution as the human eye and

it's no wonder that gaming enthusiasts have followed this trend to achieve what is 

ultimately their primary goal, of bringing the virtual into our reality.  Connected to a 

custom built 4K rig, games are transformed by selecting all the ultra video settings 

within the games, this unlocks the mind blowing graphics. Having a surround sound 

system makes the games even more realistic, being able to hear everything all 

around you just adds to the overall experience. To enter the world of virtual reality just

put on the Vive headset.


Dark Edition 4KVR Gaming Package

Intel i7 Quad Core Processor 4.0 GHz Unlocked


2x Nvidia GTX 1080 Graphics Cards

HTC Vive VR Headset

PCI Solid State Drive 2000+ mb/s read speed (4 x the speed of a standard SSD)

8TB Storage Array

Touch Screen Fan Controller

Windows 10 Pro

Mad Catz Strike 7 Keyboard and Rat 9 Mouse

3x 28" 4K Monitors with a 1 ms response time

Denon Surround Sound System

Asus Strix 7.1 Headset

£100 Steam Wallet Top-Up Cards


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