This free software is an easy to use All-In-One method of removing all types of viruses including malware and spyware. It also removes the junk files from your computer, which increases disk space and improves performance.

New Version 2.0

CCASM will only work if you have these programs installed on your computer




Spybot 1.62



Please note:- Once CCASM is running you have to ignore any messages in the popup windows and just leave it until it finishes. In most cases this will be between 1-2 hours, however it may take longer depending on how much data you have and if you have any storage drives connected.


Download CCASM

Chiltern Computers CCASM Version 2.0 Windows 10 x64
Chiltern Computers CCASMv2Windows10x64.r[...]
Compressed file archive [1.2 KB]
CCASM Version 2.0 Windows 7 x64
Chiltern Computers CCASMv2Windows7x64.ra[...]
Compressed file archive [1.2 KB]

Software Disclaimer. CCASM is a batch file to execute the commandline scanners in the antivirus software. 

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